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e moon gilds the graves And the aisles

  • 闺蜜们的放荡交换小说

    and the▓ arches, it swells and it waves; While, be●low, a faint sound as of combat is heard From▓ the ghostly array of the old Fort▓y-Third.” The feeling here expre▓ssed must have been strong with those who tr●ied to save the c

    he sky: ●And th
  • 闺蜜们的放荡交换小说

    olours at Maiwand.Mo▓re than 1300 men had fallen there wh●en the relics of the little army returned to● Candahar, which was then invested, and all● communication with India cut off by the▓ destruction of the telegraph. T●he neare

    ey soon learned
  • 闺蜜们的放荡交换小说

    st force for its relief was that of ▓General Phayre in the Quettah Pass, where th●e difficulties of transport and ▓supply were extreme.The other available ar●my was that under Stewart and Roberts at Cabul.▓ It was from them assistanc

    to know it—its
  • 闺蜜们的放荡交换小说

    e was ●to come; but, while awaiting relief,▓ a most useless and injudicious sortie wa▓s made, which had no result ▓save the loss of valuable li▓ves and a slight break in th▓e monotony of the siege of Can●dahar. The country in th

    crims▓on and wh
  • 闺蜜们的放荡交换小说

    is part● of Afghanistan was fully roused, though th▓e northern portion, now held by the Amir, was qu●iet.The hatred to the Britis▓h seemed to increase day by day.The deportation● of prominent Afghan chiefs to In●dia added fuel to th

    ite— O’er the
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e flame.The horror of such ●exile, in the Afghan mind, is extreme; the su●ffering infinitely greater than ●any death. The fact that the tide of un●varying success which usually ●characterises the action of ou●r arms in the East had been so far checked, h●ad acted curiously on even the Indian mi●nd.Hitherto there had been no reluctance to s▓erve beyond the borders of the● Indian Empire, and no dif

ficult●y in obtaining recruits.Now ther●e was; and to such an extent tha●t bounties of £5 had to be ▓offered, a sum equivalent with a native t●o what £56 would be with an English so●ldier, in order to fill up332 the depleted▓ ranks.Even the often despised

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